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Break Time? Plan for Happy!

Do you work remotely or for yourself?

Does working alone sometimes feel terrific and sometimes downright isolating?

Do you want to be more productive and efficient during your workday?

We’ve got this! We advise our telecommuting and self-employed clients to schedule “Vitamin C(onnect)” breaks at the same time as a co-worker or friend — plan a virtual brunch or afternoon tea together and reach out with an audio or video call!

Here at BLUBERYL, we have a team that spans five states and three time zones. Even though our work schedules are bustling with client meetings, we strongly encourage our teammates to set aside fifteen- or twenty-minute breaks a couple of times a day and connect with a colleague or chat with a chum.

Not only do these moments of connection make us happier, but experts suggest that taking breaks also makes us more productive! When we make this commitment to ourselves, we set ourselves up for a win-win situation.

So give it a try! Check in with a co-worker or friend and set up a break time together during the day. Calendar it and put it on repeat! Here’s to super-charging your productivity!

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